Confluencenter Graduate Fellowship FAQs

1. What are Graduate Fellowships?

Graduate Fellowships are $5,000 awards made to individual graduate students to facilitate and complete a "creative, innovative research project" during one academic year. These fellowships are not intended to support dissertation research. During the award year, fellows interact with an interdisciplinary cohort of grantees, receive professional development support and have opportunities to present their research to diverse audiences. Recipients must be present on campus at least one of the two semesters of their award year.

2. Who can submit a proposal?
Students enrolled in 1) a terminal graduate program in the Colleges of Fine Arts (CFA), Humanities (COH) or Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS), or 2) a relevant Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP) firmly connected to one of these three colleges, such as Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT). Students who have applied but never received a fellowship may apply again.

3. When is the proposal due?

Applications are due by 5 p.m. February 17, 2017. Applications must be submitted electronically via the Confluencenter website (click here), as a single PDF file, using the following naming convention: “Last Name_First Name_GF_ Year.”

4. Who will review the proposals?

A review committee comprised of Confluencenter advisory board members and other faculty from CFA, COH and SBS will evaluate the proposals and make recommendations to the Confluencenter Director who will announce the awards.

5. Do I need a letter of support?

 One letter of support is required from the applicant’s major advisor or someone familiar with the applicant’s work.

6. When are awards announced?

Awards will be announced via email by April 1, 2017.

7. What are the award details/how is funding disbursed/when are reports due?

These fellowships are one-time awards of $5,000 to individual graduate students. Two deposits will be made into student bursar’s accounts: $2,500 in August, and $2,500 in December of an academic year. Projects are to be implemented beginning in August of the award year, and completed by June 30 of the following year.

8. Why should graduate students apply?

Fellows can benefit from increased professional opportunities because of this research experience. Past fellows have gone on to receive prestigious awards, additional funding from external sources, tenure-track faculty positions and have increased opportunities to publish their research in academic journals.

9. Can two or more graduate students apply jointly?

No. Applications from two of more individuals will be rejected.

10. Are external or matching funds required?

External or matching funds are not required for this fellowship.

11. Does equipment purchased with Graduate Fellowship funds belong to the university?

No, it will belong to the student.

12. Does the funding have any restrictions?

Yes. Award funding cannot be used to pay for 1) receptions, food or drink, or 2) personal living expenses. Past fellows have used funding for: equipment, materials and rentals, copying or duplication charges, travel to field sites and archives, and human subject payments.

13. Are there any post-award commitments?

Yes. A summary of the project (from the proposal) will be posted on the Confluencenter website after awards are announced. Photos of project activities may also be added. During the funding year, fellows are required to attend workshops, special events or present their findings and/or outcomes at one of the Confluencenter programs like Show & Tell @ Playground or the Annual Research Showcase. We require fellows to be present on campus at least one of the two semesters of their award year.

14. Will a final report be required?

Yes. A final report must be submitted within 30-days of project completion using an electronic form (click here) on the Confluencenter website.

15. What acknowledgements are required?

Fellows must acknowledge Confluencenter support and display the center’s logo in/on any project-related publicity or publications. We request that you share publicity and event information with the Confluencenter Communications and Events Coordinator.