Innovation Farm Working Groups

In partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Research, Confluencenter initiated the Innovation Farm program. Through this program, the center provides critical seed money and staff support to interdisciplinary working groups including faculty representing the colleges of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Innovation Farm grants support working groups that make lasting contributions to scholarly and artistic life at the UA. The goal is to leverage the Confluencenter’s resources to provide faculty teams with enough support to achieve long-term viability, specifically by enabling pilot activities that form the basis of external grant proposals and donor outreach initiatives.


Contemplative Traditions

The group is dedicated to providing faculty, students and members of the broader public with a nuanced understanding of diverse contemplative traditions and practices, the cultural and historical contexts that produced them and their contemporary applications. Convened in December 2013, this working group has grown into a multi-pronged collective with over 100 faculty, students and staff from diverse fields participating in its various initiatives. The members are collaboratively interested in the research and practice of Buddhism, historical or contemporary contemplative practices, and wellness in both secular and religious studies perspectives.


Global Human Rights Direct

Global Human Rights Direct Logo

Led by Bill Simmons, associate professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, this group has established an online searchable database of human rights stakeholders willing to participate in videoconferences and webinars from locations around the globe. With, the group is building a virtual forum where university instructors, high school teachers, students, community groups and government officials are able to converse with individuals possessing first-hand experience and expertise in human rights advocacy.


Center for Documentary 

Organized by Beverly Seckinger, professor in the School of Theater, Film and Television, this group is conducting pilot activities in preparation for creating a Center for Documentary at the University of Arizona. The proposed Center will foster the development, production and exhibition of documentary films and interdisciplinary scholarship through workshops, screenings and classes.